She was one of my earlier creations. I loved drawing her.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

=) Stuff I had to make for my project

I did the art on this banner and the design

xD it's a self portrait using computer graphics

WOOT coz i lab to dance dance dance

Our performance for the halftime show in our college lol I'm the chick in tanktop xD 

=) Our performance for the fashion show we host to raise money for haiti, philippines, and chile (Boomkaz Experience Dance Crew)

My hula performance xD (Pinay Hula Wahines) 



Some of my other typographies and banner

=) I'm tampering with typography right now here's some of my works and logos I made for ppl

xD my PSIMF typography

I made this for a very crazy and kewl dancer that hosts a body aching dance workshop ahaha

:) My latest typography

I made this for the dance workshop this crazy dancer made

My first hip hop workshop outside my dance crew xD

Well seems I'm still workin on making this blog. As I said I'm in hip hop dance crew and this was my first workshop outside my crew. BK the choreographer in the middle is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy XD im the girl behind him in the first part my body hurt for 3 weeks ahaha. >.> yes i made a booboo :o

:) Woot I'm new with this thangs!

So...this is the first time I ever made a blog let alone a blog that shows my work. So everything is still in the works so I hope you guys are patient with me! =)