She was one of my earlier creations. I loved drawing her.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

xD ah sweet school =.= and purging of computer

so...I had to purge my computer to fix it and everything I had on there is gone because backup only saved files not programs and other things. So my CCs that was in progress are gone....then there's school. xD so I won't be able to update much for  a while. :) but fo sho I will be baaaaaaaaacketh

Friday, February 4, 2011

First of all..I'm obsess with GW2 because of it's art~ So I used it for my projects

=) I hope you guys like it. I had to make this two in an hour and a half so I had to rush. (Coz it was due the day I came back from being absent)

=) but anyways...people guildwars2 is one of my favorite mmorpg and it hasn't even been out yet! =) hopefully by the time I graduate I'll have enough stuff in my portfolio and experience that I can work with them in the future. =) They have a station close by me ^_^

anyways hope you all like it.

This is my magazine ad project
 the second one =)

My tribal butterfly. This is actually my style of tat design. Had to do this for my illustrator project. I had fun drawing this lil guy

another magazine add project. I did the drawing and digital coloring (=/ lme tell you coloring using a mouse was a pain it took forever T.T )

this was the banner i had to make for it
I should really finish drawing her ahaha but I have no more =( drawing pad to use on photoshop and im too poor to buy one ahah :P lol that's college life for ya ^_^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UPDATE: =D lol I finally made my first sim CC not much but hey =P gta start somewhere

=) my first CC to shaaaaaaaaaare =) art and graphics are made by me too ^_^


my self portrait art ahaha

xD so ye I used my art to do this I'll probably upload more in the future. I'm trying to learn how to make rugs and objects :) I'm doing another one right now lol its pretty fun to make this.

also, :) ye so I'm back. After making my lil nectary I decided to make some sims. So I created two vampire sims that even have their own unique stories :P

here's some pics

To the left is my spanish vampire casandra, while the one on the right is my Victorian Era yrs old Agatha you can see their stories on the description ^_^ i had fun making em especially since I usually make asian sims (asian pride woohoo ahaha it's hard to make em my ethnicity though which is filipina)so this are a first for me. ^_^ also, I hope I didn't offend anyone. I tried really hard on em ahah >.< and please recommend them :o

you can get them here is  Casandra and here's Agatha

here's another picture =/ k just so we're clear lol one of them has the flirt trait, I was focusing on one of the characters and next thing I know they were doing this :o ahaha