She was one of my earlier creations. I loved drawing her.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

First of all..I'm obsess with GW2 because of it's art~ So I used it for my projects

=) I hope you guys like it. I had to make this two in an hour and a half so I had to rush. (Coz it was due the day I came back from being absent)

=) but anyways...people guildwars2 is one of my favorite mmorpg and it hasn't even been out yet! =) hopefully by the time I graduate I'll have enough stuff in my portfolio and experience that I can work with them in the future. =) They have a station close by me ^_^

anyways hope you all like it.

This is my magazine ad project
 the second one =)

My tribal butterfly. This is actually my style of tat design. Had to do this for my illustrator project. I had fun drawing this lil guy

another magazine add project. I did the drawing and digital coloring (=/ lme tell you coloring using a mouse was a pain it took forever T.T )

this was the banner i had to make for it
I should really finish drawing her ahaha but I have no more =( drawing pad to use on photoshop and im too poor to buy one ahah :P lol that's college life for ya ^_^


  1. Thankyou for leaving a comment on my edit ^0^
    Do you play guild wars 1 :)?
    If you do/want to, email me @ and I'll give you one of my character names so you can add me :)
    I can't wait for gw2 ^0^
    Your VERY pretty, Not trying to sound cliche but I'm not trying to be a stalker, that sounds more cliche.. Pah. Oh well!
    Lovely drawings!
    What race are you going to make first in gw2 :)?
    I was thinking sylvari or human :P
    Guardian looks pretty cool for a proffession 8)

  2. xD ah thank u. and lol i wna b a necromancer >:) first. a sylvarie one but knowing me i'll prbly have all the classes XD n i did the trial version but i'm playing vindictus right now =) im gna play gw 2 when it comes out for sure though!! n =p i like how gaudrian has a reflect ability. it's kinda funny when ur enemy throws something at u n u throw it back to his face ahaha =) didja see all the demos they have so far! omg >.< cant wait

  3. Yeh! Did you go to the chat room where Eric Flannum and people where answering our questions :3? someone sent me it, there was only around 20 people there. I'd love to be a guardian and use the bubbly thing to stop stuff :3. I can't remember if they said this in the chatroom but your enemy can jump over them if they're on a cliff or something high enough :(. So, you haven't got guildwars 1? If you don't I wouldn't say there was much point, unless you want to earn the points for guildwars 2...
    type in Azara Rumohra in the top part where it says enter name, that's what I've got so far from the points, embarrasing that i've had the game for 4years and... I've hardly done anything.. but my guildies all have the max points > : (, lookie, you get a kitty :D
    YAAAY! They're going to show us some clothes ect tommorow... I spend most of my time creating characters xD

  4. Email? I haven't received anything :s??